About us

At Kawaink we have a mission that is simple and relatable: to change the gifting experience by enabling people to gift moments, not boxes. Personalised gifts share a part of who we are and who the person on the other side means to us.

Vouchers and gift cards, are a very useful treat but they convey no emotions, they lack sentiments. And what is life without a bit of emotion? without joy and tears happiness?

Kawaink offers you gifts that are personalised to the detail. They speak about you, they tell your story.

We take personal care of each package and make sure that when your loved ones open the box they will feel every detail as all the love you put into the beautiful moment you're gifting them.

At Kawaink we are obsessed with your happiness, and that's why we will stay in touch with you every step of the way while we work on your design.

We are an all-female company of artists, by heart and profession. We love what we do and we are blessed to have the chance to call this our job! This is why our customers love our products, as we also want to share with you a beautiful moment and experience.

We recently opened our Etsy account, so we are new in this market, and we continue to grow on social media too!

If you want to know more about us and our products, you can reach out to us on Instagram at @kawaink_en. And hey! we manage our own accounts, so come and say Hi anytime, we love to chat and learn more about how we can offer you an amazing gifting experience.

Gift better. Gift personal. Gift Kawaink.


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